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NoizGuild Playlist
DJs Sasha & sCum
Special Appearance @ Signal
Pyramid, 101 Avenue A, NYC
July 5, 1998


Well, what can I say, we got suckered into doing it (hey, we never said that we'd never spin there again!)… sorry for the short notice, but we finally agreed to it on Saturday night. There was a band performing, so the playlist is kinda short. Please note: we may do special appearances @ Signal, but we did quit doing the weekly thing, and we stand by it, damn it. Next week DJ Sasha will be in Austin, TX, doing a guest spot @ R3V3NG3 on Tuesday, July 14th, and buying everything she can get her hands on at 33 Degrees, yeay! Then July 17th DJs sCum & Sasha will be spinning at the Future Sex Ball in Philly, and July 24th we'll spin at Absolution @ CBGB's Gallery in NYC.

All of the tracks were mixed together and layered, so if you want to hear what it really sounded like, come out to one of our events!


Whitehouse -- Private -- Mummy and Daddy -- Susan Lawly

Stabat Mors -- Die Unfruchtbarkeit Maschineraler Uteri -- Deformation -- Membrum Debile

Slogun -- See Those Eyes -- See Those Eyes -- Maze/Circle Of Shit

Soldnergeist -- Information Age/Fraktal Analyse -- Global Media Control -- Art Konkret

Con Dom -- Moor Rapist -- War Against Society -- Praxis Dr. Bearmann

Grey Wolves -- Dominator -- Zero Tolerance -- Membrum Debile

Gerogerigegege -- Hotel Ultra -- Hotel Ultra -- Kubitsuri tape

MSBR -- Thumbnail Abstraction -- Kontrast -- Duebel

Dead Milkmen -- Instant Club Hit (Hung Like A Horse Mix) -- Instant Club Hit (You'll Dance To Anything) -- Fever Records

Whitehouse -- Her Entry -- Total Sex -- Susan Lawly

Intrinsic Action -- Groupies -- Groupies -- Tesco

Winterkalte -- Erosion -- Structures Of Destruction -- Hands

P.A.L -- Intercourse -- Reel -- Ant Zen

Esplendor Geometrico -- Mas Luz! -- Polyglophone -- Geometrik

Sshe Retina Stimulants -- Hadaka (Stripteasing) -- Hadaka -- Ant Zen

Blood Axis -- Herr, Nun Lass In Frieden -- Gospel Of Inhumanity -- Storm/Elfenblut

Aube/Telepherique -- Air -- Daseinsspanne -- Ant Zen

Bloodyminded -- Constriction/Knife/Down/Mantra/Perform -- Trophy -- Bloodlust!