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Final Playlist
DJ sCum & DJ Sasha
@ Signal, Pyramid, NYC
June 21st, 1998


NoizGuild has officially quit Signal and has moved on to bigger and better things. To celebrate, we tortured the audience with this rather harsh (and very loud) set. The playlist looks short, but considering the lengths of some of these songs, it was rather long. We may come back to this night to do live performances, or maybe once a month, or for special events, but for now we'll be at vOID. Catch us there (16 Mercer Street, Soho) this Tuesday, June 23, we'll be spinning noise and showing weird movies on a 14 foot projection screen ALL NIGHT!


(R) -- Look, we actually had some intelligent requests this time!


Victim Kennel -- Prisoner Of Consciousness -- War Against Society -- Praxis Dr. Bearmann

(R) Whitehouse -- My Cock's On Fire (long version) -- Cream Of The Second Coming -- Susan Lawly

(R) Godflesh -- Wound -- s/t -- Earache

Slogun -- Henry Lee Lukas -- Lustkiller -- Bloodlust

Genocide Organ -- White Power Forces -- Remember -- Tesco

Iugula Thor -- Assholes -- Assholes -- Tesco

Esplendor Geometrico -- Isolektra -- Tokyo Sin Fin -- Gift

Con Dom -- Battle Hymn -- Glory -- Slaughter Productions

Namanax -- Cascading Waves Of Electronic Turbulence -- Cascading Waves Of Electronic Turbulence -- Release

Sshe Retina Stimulants -- Snuff Acoustica Series -- Wrist -- Ant Zen

Grey Wolves -- Dominator -- Zero Tolerance -- Membrum Debile

Merzbow -- 21.42 -- Rainbow Electronics 2 -- Dexter's Cigar

Winterkalte -- Incinerator (Green Point Mix) -- Structures Of Destruction -- Hands

Gene Kelly -- Singing In The Rain -- Clockwork Orange Soundtrack -- Warner Bros.