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DJ Sasha
Special Appearance @ R3V3NG3
T.I.L. Austin, TX
July 21, 1998


Damn, Austin is a fun town! It's a weird place, but it’s helluva fun! Or maybe it's just the people you are with. Or the guns. Or the pet tigers. The bondage shows? The fact that when a club loses their liquor license they don't close, but on the contrary: they give out free booze at no cover charge? The guns? The people that appear otherwise normal who know all the words to that rap song about women with big asses, and insist on singing along with it real loud when you are trapped in a car with them? Or the shooting ranges that have an automatic night on Thursdays, ladies night on Tuesdays and family night on Fridays? You must be a special kind of person to voluntarily live in a place where the temperature is over 100F for four months out of the year… And yet, despite all that heat, they have a healthy strong throbbing scene (industrial scene, experimental scene, elektro scene, SM scene). Needless to say, I'm impressed. No way in hell I go back there during the summer again, but hey, I now appreciate New York summers a lot more.

I'd like to thank R3V3NG3 and all the people involved with it for extending me this opportunity, and I must apologize for the short set. It's a great night you got there, good music, a space with nice air conditioning and a bartender who knows what a mudslide is (a rarity in Austin as I found out). Keep up the good work. Greetings to everyone, and thank you for your support.


Jim Goad for Boyd Rice Experience -- Let's Hear It For Violence Towards Women -- Hatesville -- World Serpent
(hey I heard a rumor that Jim got in umm… trouble, does anyone have any info on this?)

Sshe Retina Stimulants -- Hadaka (Stripteasing) -- Hadaka -- Ant Zenyeah....

Brighter Death Now -- Little Girl -- Innerwar -- Cold Meat

Genocide Organ -- Klaus Barbie -- Rememeber -- Tesco

Slogun -- See Those Eyes -- See those Eyes -- Maze/COS

DKF -- Hekktik -- Red Blood Cells -- Ant Zen

Merzbow -- Ananga-Ranga -- Venerology -- Release

Esplendor Geometrico -- Tiempo Libere -- Tokyo Sin Fin -- Gift

Gerogerigegege -- Original Hotel Ultra -- Hotel Ultra -- Kubitsuri Tape

Akita/Azuma/Haswell/Sakaibara -- Track 1, Side B -- Ich Schnitt Mich In Den Finger -- Mego

Aube/Sshe Retina Stimulants -- V.F.R. Pt.1-Fresh Copy Secrets -- Video Field Recordings -- Duebel

Con Dom -- The Casting Of Stones -- Righteousness -- Pylon

MaschinenZimmer 412 -- Intersektion -- Macht Durch Stimme -- Cold Meat

Non -- Phoenix/Total War -- God And Beast -- Mute

P.A.L -- Concrete Rage -- Signum -- Ant Zen

Winterkalte -- CH4 -- 2/3 -- Hands

Imminent Starvation -- Dislocation 2&3 -- Human Dislocation -- Ant Zen

Pineal Gland Zirbeldruese -- Incorporeal -- Dawn~Rise~Death -- Ant Zen

Whitehouse -- Private -- Mummy and Daddy -- Susan Lawly