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You know, it's hard to play noise/power electronics on the radio. You go to play Whitehouse, and then you realize that you can't play the song you wanted to, because it's got a couple (well, actually, all) of those words that the Federal Communications Commission deems inappropriate. You think: wow, Intrinsic Action would sound great right about now, but you can't play Night Prowler because of questionable content. Bloodyminded? Nope! ConDom? Must be very careful. Well, we went to play Gerogerigegege "Hotel Ultra" without a second thought, and all of a sudden: BAM! It hit us: porno soundtrack! We could never have our own radio show, we would get the station fined and ourselves fired faster than you can say "My Cock's On Fire". But doing guest appearances sure is fun!

So anyway, after the show we rushed back to the city to catch Cock ESP performing again, this time at ABC No Rio. They did what they claim to be their longest set ever: about 10 minutes! They banged on metal, tweaked pedals, broke stuff, threw around amps, and finally collapsed to the floor accompanied by MAJOR feedback! It was loud, obnoxious, and absolutely awesome! Hope they come back this way soon! We took pictures, and maybe sometime eventually we'll post them on the NoizGuild website (yeah, right, together with the pictures of Boyd Rice, Noisex, P.A.L, Synapscape, Sonar, Hypnoskull, and so many other shows we've promised to review and/or illustrate. We'll do it eventually, I swear!) Anyway, catch NoizGuild every Sunday @ Atrocity at the Bank, NYC. Also October 30th, we'll be spinning at Absolution @ CB's Gallery, NYC. For more details and other events, please consult the future section.



DKF -- Ovarialkarzinom -- Schmerzgrenze -- Steinklang

? -- Some loop -- RRR-500 -- RRR

Cock E.S.P. -- Rubber Maidens (part 1&2) -- Menisha Red Light District -- Blackbean/Placenta/Sunship

Genocide Organ -- Dogday -- Remember -- Tesco

Aube/Sshe Retina Stimulants -- V.F.R. part 3 - Slide Arch Analogies -- Video Field Recordings -- Duebel

Stratvm Terror --Awaiting The Slime -- Pain Implantations -- Malignant

? -- Some other loop -- RRR-500 -- RRR

Deutsch Nepal -- Poison Free Market -- Comprendido!…Time Stop… -- Cold Meat/Release

Smell & Quim -- Anatomy Shatterme -- The Jissom Killers -- Tesco

Einleitungszeit -- Schreie Aus Fleisch -- Aus Der Leichenkammer… -- Recalcitrant Noise

Dead Milkmen -- Tugena -- Instant Club Hit -- Fever

Gerogerigegege -- Original Hotel Ultra -- Hotel Ultra -- Kubitsuri Tape

Merzbow -- Ecobondage -- Ecobondage -- Distemper

Con Dom -- Patriotism -- Oh Ye Of Little Faith -- Tesco

Winterkalte -- Erosion -- Structures Of Destruction -- Hands

Inade -- Breaking The Walls -- Tesco Disco -- Tesco

Grunt -- Track 1/2/3 -- Fresh Image For The Car Merchants -- Freak Animal

Inade -- The Grinding Inside -- Tesco Disco -- Tesco

Andxesion -- Live Punishment 03b -- Live Punishment 03 -- Ant Zen/Pflichtkauf

Stabat Mors -- Ver-gebung -- Unter Schrecklichem… -- Membrum Debile

MSBR -- Firewall -- Contact 1 -- MSBR

Taint -- Dangerious Top -- Unter Schrecklichem… -- Membrum Debile

Slogun -- Cynical Slaughter -- The Pleasures Of Death -- Death Factory

Lale Anderson -- Lili Marleen -- Berlin By Night -- EMI

K2 -- Anybody Can't Catch Up With This II -- Anybody Can't Catch Up With This -- Ant Zen

Grey Wolves -- Zero Tolerance -- Zero Tolerance -- Membrum Debile

Laibach -- Jezero/Der See -- Krst Pod Triglavom-Baptism -- Sub Rosa

Black Leather Jesus -- Healing Process -- Freak Animal #10 -- Freak Animal

Merzbow -- Kaoru Ide's Pet -- Electroploitation -- Lunhare

P.A.L -- Intercourse -- Reel -- Ant Zen

Victim Kennel -- In Case Of Aggression -- War Against Society -- Praxis Dr. Bearmann

Nimoy -- Unit 08 -- The Spark -- Ant Zen

Militia -- Stahlkadanz -- New European Order -- Praxis Dr. Bearmann

Aube -- Siege -- Wired Trap -- Self Abuse

Megaptera -- Skullfracture -- The Curse Of The Scarecrow -- Release