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NoizGuild Playlist
DJ Sasha & sCum
Exoskeleton Tour
(feat: Holocaust Theory, Jugend Staat, I,Parasite)
August 27, 1998
The Bank (Houston & Ave. A)


Ok, there is a good reason this playlist doesn't contain much japanoise or power electronics. You see, for some reason the tuntables weren't available, and noone deemed it important to tell us in advance. So there we were, with two cases of vinyl and a couple of CDs, staring at the DJ booth, repeating "oh no… oh no… oh no…" Luckily we don’t live far from the club, so I went back and grabbed a CD case…You know, it blows my mind that people think that vinyl is dead, and that DJs only spin CDs nowadays. You can't mix CDs properly. You can't scratch them right. They just don't have that same hands on feel as vinyl. Not to mention that since we only had two CD players, we couldn't layer anything for long… I men, what' the point of having a DJ that just spins CDs? You might as well have a jukebox! Well, I can rant about this for a couple of pages, but I won't. Here's the playlist and short reviews.


Vromb -- Le Facteur Humain 1 -- Le Facteur Humain -- Ant Zen

Klangstabil -- Das Weisse Rauschen -- Straftat Gegen Das Leben -- David

Synapscape -- Helix (Asche remix) -- Ant-hology -- Ant Zen

S.alt -- Feed Me -- Culture Shock #5 -- Genocide Project

Winterkaalte -- NOx -- 2/3 -- Hands

Pineal Gland Zirbeldruese -- Eleven -- Dawn~Rise~Death -- Mental Ulcer Forges/Ant Zen

Noisex -- No Fear -- Exoskeleton -- Possessive Blindfold

Aube -- Siege -- Wired Trap -- Self-Abuse

Whitehouse -- Her Entry -- Total Sex -- Susan Lawly

Iugula Thor -- Who Shall Be Worthy -- Assholes -- Tesco

Brighter Death Now -- Little Baby -- Innerwar -- Cold Meat

Esplendor Geometrico -- Mas Lutz! -- Polyglophone -- Geometrik

P.A.L -- Intercourse -- Reel -- Ant Zen

Sonar -- Headweak -- Sound Line 4 -- Sideline

Ars Moriendi -- Endlich! -- Ant-hology -- Ant-Zen

Allerseelen -- Ernting -- Gotos=Kalanda -- Aorta/Storm

Deutsch Nepal -- Poison Free Market -- Comprendido.. Time Stop -- Cold Meat/Release

Stratvm Terror -- Nerve Short Circuit -- Pain Implantations -- Malignant

Whitehouse -- Ripper Territory/Prosexist -- Dedicated to Peter Kurten -- Susan Lawly

Sutcliffe Jugend -- New Years Day -- Death Mask -- Freek

Fetus Productions -- Rock-A-Bye Baby -- Intensive Care Unit -- Fetus


This is a local New York City band, they do shows here every couple of months. I wasn't really paying attention to their show, because I was talking to Scott whom I haven't seen since, well, the last time Holocaust Theory came around (the Noisex tour a year ago). Sorry no review. But you can go visit their website.

Blood Axis -- Reign I Forever -- Gospel Of Inhumanity -- Storm/Elfenblut

ZymOsiZ -- Machinedriven -- s/t -- Zymosiz/PBR

Winterkaalte -- CH4 -- 2/3 -- Hands

Zombies Under Stress -- Fixed -- Back To Siberia -- Staaltape

Polygon Window -- Quoth -- Surfing The Sine Waves -- Warp

Gerogerigegege -- Original Hotel Ultra -- Hotel Ultra -- Kubitsuri tape

Klangstabil -- Germanium -- Straftat Gegen Das Leben -- David

Pineal Gland Zirbeldruese -- Incorporeal -- Dawn~Rise~Death -- Mental Ulcer Forges/Ant Zen

Jugend Staat!

I must say I was impressed. The only song by them I have heard before was the track on the Exoskeleton compilation, which is really poppy in that generic electro/industrial kind of way -- well executed, but not really my thing. Well, their live performance was a lot more minimal, a lot more noisy, and a lot less poppy. Rhythmic noise in the vein of Sonar or Noisex. There was a lot of energy on stage, and I thoroughly enjoyed the show. My only complaint was the vocal treatment: there as almost no effects on the vocals, and I would've like to hear them WAY FUCKED UP - but hey, that's just my own personal taste!!!


Moata Omen -- Ash Nazg -- Ant-hology -- Ant Zen

Maschinnenzimmer 412 -- Intersektion -- Macht Durch Stimme -- Cold Meat

NON -- Phoenix/Total War -- God & Beast -- Mute

Whitehouse -- Private -- Mummy And Daddy -- Susan Lawly

Con Dom/Grey Wolves -- Revenge -- Tesco Disco -- Tesco

Soldnergeist -- Great America -- Global Media Control -- Art Konkret

Esplendor Geometrico -- El Empuje Del Desarrollo Tecnico -- Balearic Rhythms -- Geomertik

P.A.L -- Sacred Women -- Sacred Women -- Steinklang

Holocaust Theory!

Well, Holocaust Theory superseded all expectations! Their sound has grown tremendously since their first album and last tour. They are much more noisy (yeah, I like saying that), louder, more in you face, and they have absolutely awesome vocal treatment (hey, if you are gonna have vocals: do them right!). I think their set was about an hour long, they started off dark and more ambient and made their way to pounding rhythmic noise in the vein of Winterkaalte or several Ant-Zen acts. At the end of their set the singer from Jugend Staadt joined HT on stage and sung a couple of songs together with James. I like the idea of members of different bands performing together (especially if it's completely improvised: take Andxesion for example), however in this case the drastic difference between the vocal fx of the two singers distracted me from the music (which was great: noise structures, rhythmic and non-rhythmic loops, interesting bass lines…) -- yeah, I know, I am really picky about vocals. Other than that little thing, the show was really excellent, I can't wait to hear the new album (hint hint, Scott!). And speaking of Holocaust Theory, James' solo project, ZymOsiZ rules! Very repetative minimal dense heavy electronic rhythms: good stuff! We got the 4 track CDR promo and it contains the two songs released on the Machinedriven 7", as well as the track called "Human Damage" and my personal favorite: "Break The Silence". So go get his 7" on Possessive Blindfold.


Brighter Death Now -- Shatterer Of Earth -- Pain In Progress -- Cold Meat

Merzbow -- Moon Over The Bwana A -- Land Of The Rising Noise -- Charnel

Aube -- Cardiotonica -- Cardiac Strain -- Alien8

Bloodyminded -- Constriction -- Trophy -- Bloodlust!

Whitehouse -- Twice Is Not Enough -- Twice Is Not Enough -- Susan Lawly

Merzbow -- 21.42 -- Rainbow Electronics 2 -- Dexter's Cigar

Fetus Productions -- Long Lost Friends -- Intensive Care Unit -- Fetus

Sshe Retina Stimulants -- Air-Flight And Prostitution Patterns -- Some Whores And a Camera Zaibatsu -- Old Europa

P.A.L -- Reel -- Reel -- Ant Zen