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DJ Sasha & sCum
Atrocity @ the Bank, NYC
Playlist Oct. 24th, 1998


We'd like to thank everyone who came out to support Atrocity over the past few weeks. There will be no Atrocity for the next two weeks, but we are all coming back on November 15th with Death Squad, Chapter 23, Terror State and possibly Exercise In Disgust performing live! Yeay! Also I would like to mention that there is more noise than ever at Atrocity, with DJ Leech spinning awesome stuff in the back room, right after NoizGuild gets done in the front! I heard that Leech spun noise, but to be completely truthful I was a bit skeptical, but then he sent us a playlist and we were rather impressed, and last week we finally ventured into the back after our set, and walked into A WALL OF NOISE!!! For those of you interested, we are gong to start posting his playlists somewhere on this website, as soon as we get our shit together.

So we spun in the front for an hour, went back to listen to Leech for another hour, and at the end of the night spun in the back for another 40-45 minutes. I couldn't believe there were people actually *dancing* to Whitehouse and Slogun! Too bad that the club only has the two CD players in the back, so we weren't able to do much layering. And speaking of layering, I've been getting into gabber/hardcore/techstep/whatever-you-call-it lately, so I am looking for some recommendations: I'm looking for stuff that has hard and fast drums (of the 4/4 variety), some bass and not much else (none of those spacy bleeping noises please). I am not a big fan of d'n'b, so don't even go there, but any suggestions of the stuff described above would be very appreciated, as I know NOTHING about that genre. Anyway, we'll be spinning at Absolution (at CB's Gallery, downstairs, next to CBGB's) this Friday, October 30th, at about 3 am, so come out!


Set 1:

Mauthausen Orchestra -- Continental Cruising -- Raising Vapours -- Bloodlust!/Body & Blood Exploration

Maeror Tri -- Altrove -- Picture 10" -- Ant Zen

Con Dom -- Moor Rapist -- War Against Society -- Praxis Dr. Bearmann

Sigillum S -- Boudoir Philosophy -- Boudoir Philosophy -- A Dull Note

Whitehouse -- Private -- Mummy and Daddy -- Susan Lawly

Gerogerigegege -- No Sound Side A -- No Sound -- Vinyl Communications

Salt/Pineal Gland Zirbeldruese -- Pattern 14 -- Global Patterns -- Ant Zen

Deutsch Nepal -- Horses Give Birth To Flies -- Tolerance -- Staalplaat

Some loop from RRR-500 -- RRR

Merzbow -- Nympho a Mari Eguro's Urge -- Electroploitation -- Lunhair

Caroliner -- ? (Track 1 from side 2) -- Rainbow Scrambled Egg Taken For A Wife -- self-released

Brighter Death Now -- Innerwar -- Innerwar -- Cold Meat

Richard Ramirez -- I Keep My Stuff Inside -- I Keep My Stuff Inside -- Tesco

Le Syndicat -- Romeo ou Juliette -- Delikatessen/Vorgine/Relapse -- hmm, it says RRR, but we are not sure that's who put it out…

Whitehouse -- Roman Strength -- New Britain -- Come Organisation

Cock ESP -- Cocks Of Chaos -- Cockworld -- Little Mafia Records

Taint -- Turnedout -- Taint/Strict 7" -- ?

Grunt -- 070596+080596+150696 -- Aube/Grunt -- Freak Animal

Disciples Of Aggression -- Ya Mutha -- Industrial Strength -- Industrial Strength/Earache

Pineal Gland Zirbeldruese -- Incorporeal -- Dawn~Rise~Death -- Mental Ulcer Forges/Ant Zen

P.A.L -- t.a.e. (ultra instinct rmx @ 45rpm) -- M@rmx -- Hymen

Noisex -- Silent Soldier -- Out Of Order -- Mental Ulcer ForgesAnd they said it didn't exist!



Set 2:

P.A.L -- Whomp That Sucker! (live) -- M@trix -- Ant Zen

Con Dom -- Road To Total Freedom -- All In Good Faith -- Functional

Delta Nine -- Never Stop -- Industrial Strength -- Industrial Strength/Earache

Brighter Death Now -- Shatterer Of Earth -- Pain In Progress -- Cold Meat

NON -- Phoenix/Total War -- God & Beast -- Mute

Whitehouse -- Her Entry (new version) -- Dedicated To Peter Kurten -- Susan Lawly

Esplendor Geometrico -- Mas Luz! -- Polyglophone -- Geometrik

Slogun -- Glory Hallelujah! -- The Pleasures Of Death -- Death Factory

Gerogerigegege -- Original Hotel Ultra -- Hotel Ultra -- Kabitsuri tape