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DJ Sasha & sCum
Atrocity @ the Bank, NYC
Playlist Oct. 18, 1998


I was too lazy to write anything last time, so I thought I'd make up for it by telling you about my day. If you don't care, skip straight down to the playlist.

Sunday was long busy and a lot of fun. In the afternoon I went to see Cock ESP, Crank Sturgeon, Exercise In Disgust and a bunch of other bands perform 5 minute sets each, after which everyone watched movies. It was a lot of fun, and things like that really need to happen more often in NY. I have never heard Crank Sturgeon before (at least I *think* that was the name of the band), and they put on a pretty cool show, why don’t they play here more? After the shows I tried really hard to talk Cock ESP and/or Exercise in Disgust into doing a show at Atrocity, but the Cocks were too tired and wanted to see Caroliner later that night, and EID made some similar excuse. Party poopers! So I went home, grabbed the music and all the accessories and went to the Bank.

Well, as far as sound goes, this was one of the best sets we've had in a while. We were finally able to use the club turntables, so we weren't limited to just CDs, and that made a world of difference, considering that most of the good stuff (and about 60% of all of our music) is on vinyl! Not to mention that we could layer up to four channels again, YEAY! Which, by the way, is something that cannot be reflected in the text version of the playlist, so if you wanna know what it REALLY sounds like, you have to be there. So be there next week, same time (Sunday, 10pm), same place (the Bank, Houston St. & avenue A, NYC), or listen to WPRB 103.3fm Tuesday October 20th, 7pm for NoizGuild's guest appearance on Voight-Kampff Test.

So there we were at the Bank, and I thought to myself, hey, if we hurry, we can still catch at least some of Caroliner's set at the Knitting Factory! So we cut our set a bit short (maybe 10 minutes or so), packed everything up, grabbed a few people with us, and headed to the Knitting Factory. Now, if you live in NYC, you are familiar with a game local police plays called "random street closings." The rules of the game are that they take random streets and close them to traffic, making access to certain blocks virtually impossible, and creating horrid traffic on adjoining streets. Well, we fell victim to this evil game: it literally took us 20 minutes to get to a club about 10 blocks away. Thus we caught only the last 20-25 minutes of Caroliner's set. Which was AWESOME! If you ever get a chance to go see them, DO IT, you won't regret it! Wow, this is getting really long, so I am going to abruptly end it right now… :)



Sigillum S : Tidal Surface Tension : Tidal Surface Tension : Old Europa Café

Brighter Death Now : Shatter Of Earth : Pain In Progress : Cold Meat

Fetus Productions : Little Baby : Intensive Care Unit : Q.D.K.

? : a random locked groove of the RRR-500 it was going at 45 rpm and screeching a lot! : RRR

Taint : Whoredom : Whoredom : Praxis Dr. Bearmann

DogPoundFoundSound : Bad Radio Dog Massacre : www.brdm.org

Aube : IBMBI : We Hate You… : Jazzassin

Goran Besov : Keep Pushing : Major Malfunction : Megahertz

Anenzephalia : Infernal Wake : Tesco Disco : Tesco

? : another random locked groove @ 45 : RRR-500 : RRR

Con Dom : Torch : War Against Society : Praxis Dr. Bearmann

Slogun : Justification : The Pleasures Of Death : Death Factory

Soldnergeist : Domination : Unter Schrecklichem… : Membrum Debile

Genocide Organ : Burn/Hail Amerika (Played @ 45 rpm): Mind Control : Tesco

Richard Ramirez : They Deal In Sado-Sacrificing : Unter Schrecklichem… : Membrum Debile

Bloody Fist : C… Face : Industrial Strength : Industrial Strength/Earache

Imminent Starvation : Dislocation 2&3 : Human Dislocation : Ant Zen

P.A.L : t.a.e. (Ultra Instinct mix) : M@rmx : Hymen

Sshe Retina Stimulants : Hadaka : Hadaka : Ant Zen

Zymosiz : H:\mainframe\lucy : demo

Exercise In Disgust : Corrupting And Destroying… : Dedicated To David Gunn : Anti-Power Electronics

Whitehouse : My Cock's On Fire : Thank your Lucky Stars : Susan Lawly