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DJ Sasha & sCum
Atrocity/Malfunction @ the Pyramid, NYC
Playlist May 03, 2000


Introduction track of Hermann Goering addressing his officers regarding the fall of Stalingrad

Inade--Genius Loci Pt.III--Burning Flesh (CD)--LOKI

Genocide Organ--Kill Useless Nations--Save Our Slaves--Tesco

Current 93--Where The Long Shadows Fall...--Where The Long Shadows Fall...--Durto/World Serpent

Terra Blanche--The Sickle Cell Pt.I--The Sickle Cell--AWB Recordings

Dies--Deluculum--Credule--Power & Steel

IRM--R.S.--s/t--Cold Meat

Noisex--Yellow Smoke--Out Of Order--Mental Ulcer Forges

Deutsch Nepal--Geloebnis--Deutsch NeP.A.L--Ant-Zen

Predominance--Thermonuclear Winter--Obliteration--LOKI

Megaptera--Haunted By Demons--Disease--Art Konkret

Yen Pox--Remove--Deliver EP--Drone

Stigma--Putrefaction Taste--Putrefaction Taste--Daft

Dagda Mor--Lokasenna--The Border Of The Light--Functional

Laibach--Across The Universe--Across The Universe--Mute

Brighter Death Now—Side A--untitled--Xn Recordings

Anenzephalia--No Better Future--Natural Order--State Art

CazzioDio--Volonta Mutilata--Ad Negantem Usum Significationes--Eibon Records

Grey Wolves--Zero Tolerance--Zero Tolerance--Membrum Debile Propaganda

Stratvm Terror--Croton--Pariah Demise--Old Europa Cafe

Ex.Order--Knowledge & Warfare--Documents Of Neural Assault Pt.II--State Art

Rasthof Dachau--Endloesung Wannsee--In Der Strafkolonie--Steinklang

First Law--Trazdone (500mg)--Sedated--LOKI

Netzach--Awaked Beasts--Force And Fire--Membrum Debile Propaganda

Frozen Faces--Religion Of Hate--s/t--Entartete Musikk

Der Blutharsch—Track 16--Der Sieg Des Lichtes Ist Des Lebens Heil!--WKN/World Serpent