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DJ Sasha & sCum
Atrocity/Malfunction @ the Pyramid, NYC
Playlist April 19th, 2000


We had the pleasure to spin between Navicon Torture Technologies, Hydra, and Death Squad; we also invited our friend DJ Gr.Uzi to spin for this special occasion. Reviews of this show have been posted by authors more competent than me, so I will only say a couple of words about each band. NTT gave a solid performance accompanied by a video that was called "truly disgusting", he played mostly new material, it was a great start to a great evening. Hydra gave his interpretation of Easter celebrations by slaughtering a stuffed bunny, accompanied by a wall of guitar feedback, what the set was lacking musically was fully made up for by the theatrics. Michael Nine gave simply the best performance I’ve ever witnessed from Death Squad, his set was longer than the London or the Leeds shows of the same tour, at the same time it was more focused, angrier, sharper. DJ Gr.Uzi was a madman, throwing on records and CDs seemingly at random, and yet achieving a great unpenetrable harmonious wall of sound. Awesome job everyone!


Set A:

Contrastate--The Man Seeking Experience Enquires His Way Of A Drop Of Water--Seven Hands Seek Nine Fingers--Black Rose

Yen Pox--Deliver--Deliver EP--Drone

Der Blutharsch/Deutsch Nepal--Climax--Apocalyptic Climax 2--WKN

Inade--Crackling Void--Quarterd Void--Membrum Debile Propaganda

Vromb--Tremblement--Lieu De Terre--Tesco

Grey Wolves--Zero Tolerance--Zero Tolerance--Membrum Debile Propaganda

Con-Dom--Some People Never Got The Chance--Some People Never Got The Chance--Kubitsuri Tapes

Slogun--Trust In Me--...Kill To Forget--Jinx

Jacques Brel--La Quete--s/t--Polygram

Fleisch.Macht.Boese--Reborn--Evolution--Ars Macabre

Soldnergeist--Hunting French Tourists--Soldnergeist/Drape Excrement--State Art

Genocide Organ--Keiner Kommt Zurueck--Leichenlinie--Tesco

Les Joyaux De La Princesse--Messages 1940-1943--Douce France--Tesco

CazzioDio--Volonta Mutilata--Ad Negantem Usum Significationes--Eibon Records


Set B:

Column One--Kriegsschauplatze Pt.I--Kriegsschauplatze--LOKI

Propergol--Gruesome (Chair Et Crochet)--Un Dechainement De Violence--Hermetique

Contrastate--The End Of History?--Throwing Out The Baby With The Bathwater--Functional

Propergol--...La Petite Fille Au Bout Du Chemin--Cleanshaven--Hermetique

Brighter Death Now--Payday--May All Be Dead--Cold Meat

IRM--Martyr 2000--s/t--Cold Meat

Frozen Faces--History--Broken Sounds...Of A Dying Culture--Entartete Musikk

A recording of David Koresh talking to the FBI hostage mediators.

Operation Cleansweep--Crying Blood--Powerhungry--Tesco

Megaptera--The Passage To Your Evil Dreams--Disease--Art Konkret

Leibstandarte SS MB--SS 20 Attack--s/t--Come Org.

Laibach--an excerpt from "Macbeth"--Mute

Dagda Mor--The Plains Of Heaven--The Border Of The Light--Functional

Ex.Order--Knowledge & Warfare--Documents Of Neural Assault Pt.II--State Art

Deutsch Nepal--World Mirror--!Comprendido!...Time Stop!...And World Ending--Cold Meat/Release

Klangstabil--Absicherung Der Arbeitskraft--Menschenhass--World War IV