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DJs  sCum & Sasha
Absolution @ CB's Gallery, NYC
Playlist August 20th, 1999

Well, we just got home from Absolution, a monthly party here in New York we spin at. An interesting incident took place that i thought would be amusing to share.... It's kinda long, so if you don't give a shit, just scroll down for the playlist.

As we were playing LSSMB (which was requested by one of the regulars), two quasi-goth girls came to us and asked for Matchmaker, from Fiddler on the Roof. I said we didn't have it, but if they did, we'd try to incorporate it into our set. They looked at each other funny and asked us if we were nazis. i was kinda confused (didn't connect it to the song we were playing at first) and said "no". They then asked why were playing Hitler. I said Hitler never made any music, so we could't possible play it. They said we must be nazis then. i said that i already answered that, and that i was kinda busy. After repeating the question another couple of times and not getting a satisfactory answer, they left after asking me if it would be ok for them to ask the management not to have us spin there anymore. I said that they were entitled to their opinion as much as i was entitled to play whatever i wanted to play.

Ten minutes later they came back with some guy, and started dancing... which i guess wasn't that weird, because we were playing *somewhat* rhythmic stuff at that point. but the guy was getting waaayyy too close to the DJ table while vinyl was playing, which was making us feel rather uncomfortable. We finished our set, and Shane (the other half of NoizGuild) said: "it's all over, go home". The guy started clapping and yelling, insulting the audience and getting in their face. Some people yelled things like "if you don't like it, don't listen to it, leave!" An minor altercation followed that involved Shane, my (rather large) maglite and the guy. The promoter separated them before anyone got hurt.

The guy left hte room and we were packing our records away when we noticed the guy throwing water all over the equipment. now, the equipment wasn't ours, but we are good friends with the promoter, and besides what the fuck??? We jumped over the table and started after him, but he disappeared. I went to talk to the girls, one of them screamed something about fucking nazis, and the other one seemed to be in shock and kept repeating "i don't know what's going on, what's happening!" All of a sudden, the guy appeared and charged at us with, get this, an umbrella! well, he was about to poke us to death, but some people grabbed him and the screaming girl and dragged them away...

there are probably some things that i forgot, but i am getting rather intoxicated right now, and there are all these people that are yelling things at me about the incident, so i am rather distracted....

Now... i am really amazed and flattered that our set would envoke that kind of reaction in people. i found out who those people are, and am planing to call them and anounce every forthcoming NoizGuild gig... We have gotten similar reactions from people before, but it never escalated to physical violence... This whole incident was kinda cool, and we were rather dissapointed that they weren't hanging out outside the club when we left...

The really amazing thing is the rumors that were goign aroung RIGHT AFTER the incident happened... Someone said that *I* beat us the annoying guy, someone else said that there was a huge brawl between the hitler youth and the protesters... I can't wait to hear the rumors that will invevitably develop over the next couple of weeks... It's a sad commentary on the New York scene, and I am very grateful to the fans that supported us, dealt with the bullshit and were ready to shed blood (and ther *would be bloodshed if the people didn't diappear)... We apologize to Jason and Althea, the promoters that had to deal with that shit, who are assuring us as we speak that we'll be doign the next Absolution, and the one after that...

Now, on to the business at hand.... Despite the rumors that you might have heard, NoizGuild will NOT be spinning at Malfunction on Monday Aug. 23rd. However, The NoizGuild Project will be performibg LIVE at Malfunction on September 20th with Navicon Torture Technologies, there will be two distinct sets by both bands followed by a collaboration of NG vs. NTT...

Also, NoizGuuld will be DJing throughout the Inade/Ex.Order tour.

and now i'm really drunk, so i will stop typing....

finally, the playlist...

Boyd Rice Expirience -- ...Violence Towwwards Women -- Hatesville -- World Serpent

Klangstabil -- Funf Minuten Klangstabil A -- Funf Minuten Klangstabil -- Megahertz

Current 93 -- Where the Long Shadows Fall -- Where the Long Shadows Fall -- Durtro

Operation Cleansweep -- Power hungry -- Power Hungry -- Tesco

Rectal Sugery -- Introducing Minidisco -- Noise Transmission -- Deafborn

(R) Genocide Organ -- The Warmth Of This Earth -- ?

P.A.L - Workout -- Signum -- Ant Zen

(R) Leibstandarte SS MB -- Under The Victory Banner -- Weltanschauung -- Come Org.

Anenzephalia -- Coroner's Eyes... -- Ephemeral Dawn -- Tesco

Asmorod -- Vaporscream -- Derelict -- Tesco

Drape Excrement -- Keine Reue -- Hunting French Toursts -- Stateart

Netzach -- All The Power -- Force And Fire -- Membrum Debile

V.I.P. -- Side A -- One -- AntZen/Possessive Blindfold

Shock Front -- Coma -- Converter -- Ant Zen

Whitehouse -- Her Entry - Dedicated To Peter Kurten -- Susan Lawly