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DJ Sasha & sCum
Absolution @ CB's Gallery, NYC
Playlist July 28th, 2000


Here’s the third installment of our international series, featuring British noise/power electronics/dark ambient artists. We were really tired from the Noisex show/party the previous night, so we were quite delirious and quite obviously unprepared for this… we forgot a whole bunch of records and CDs at home, so there’s a bit of repetition. But no matter how overworked and overliquored we get, we are still dedicate to bringing you MORE NOISE!!!

And in that spirit, we present to you the first US tour ever of P.A.L, Klangstabil and The NoizGuild Project. Coming to the following cities:

Friday, August 11th -- NYC @ CB's Gallery

Monday, August 14th -- Atlanta @ Riviera

Thursday, August 17th -- Seattle @ The Vogue with Converter

Friday, August 18th -- LA @ D.A.S. Bunker

Be there, or we will hunt you down and beat you like a redheaded stepchild!




Con-Dom – Pro-Judas – Rome Songs – Old Europa Café

150 Murderous Passions – Side A – Come Org.

Intravene – The Author – Flotation Toy Warning – Auf Abwegen

Grey Wolves – Zero Tolerance – Zero Tolerance – Membrum Debile

Con-Dom – Hungry For Death – Acts Of Faith – Tesco

Throbbing Gristle – Dementia – Dementia In Excelsis – Tesco

Nails Ov Christ – Nails & Blood – Beat Of The Blood – Korm Plastics

Current 93 – Where Long Shadows Fall – Where Long Shadows Fall – Durtro

Whitehouse – Death Penalty – Right To Kill – Come Org.

Contrastate – The Green Shoots Of Aggression – Throwing Out The Baby With The Bathwater – Functional

Death In June – Kapitulation – Operation Hummingbird – NER

Con-Dom – Patriotism – Oh Yea Of Little Faith – Tesco

150 Murderous Passions – Side B – Come Org.

The New Blockaders – TNB Est Mort! Part 1 – TNB Est Mort! – Tesco

Band Of Pain – Blood Bath – Reculver – Dirter Promotions

Whitehouse – I’m Coming Up Your Ass – Cream Of The Second Coming – Susan Lawly