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DJs  sCum & Sasha
Absolution @ CB's Gallery, NYC
Playlist Oct. 30th, 1998


Ok, so we are a little late with this playlist… Deal!

This set was dedicated to Raoul R. of K:A:T:T Industries. Every track that we played was either created or remixed by Raoul, with the exception of the last track which is a recording of a Whitehouse show getting broken up by the police! Happy Birthday, Raoul!

November 15th: Death Squad, Chapter 23 and Terror State are playing at Atrocity (the Bank) with NoizGuild and Leech spinning all sorts of noise all night. For those of you who can't deal with that, there will be your usual EBM/electro in the back with DJs Lockjaw, Mindsolvent and Johanna Constantine.


DKF -- Hektikk -- Red Blood Cells -- Ant Zen

Noisex -- Empty Eye One -- Over And Out 7" -- Ant Zen

Noisex -- Bring Down The Crimerate -- Out Of Order -- Mental Ulcer Forges

Noisex -- Ka-Vau-Drummer -- Out Of Order -- Mental Ulcer Forges

P.A.L -- t.a.e. (Ultra Instinct remix) -- M@rmx -- Hymen

Andxesion -- Live Punishment 03a -- Live Punishment -- Ant Zen/Pflichtkauf

Noisex -- United (Power Noise Movement) -- Over And Out -- Ant Zen

DKF -- Side 2 of the 7" -- Schmerzgrenze -- Steinklang

Thorax -- Thoraxion -- Red Blood Cells -- Ant Zen

Whitehouse -- Anal American live -- Live Aktion 4.11.83/7.1.83 -- Rectification Society