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NoizGuild Playlist
Absolution @ CB’s Gallery, NYC
April 21, 2000


Der Blutharsch—Track 16--Der Sieg Des Lichtes Ist Des Lebens Heil!--WKN/World Serpent

Grey Wolves--Bodycount--The Age Of Dissent--Tesco

Genocide Organ--Burn--Mind Control--Tesco

Soldnergeist--Hunting French Tourists--Soldnergeist/Drape Excrement--State Art

Herbst9--The Snake Of Saigon--From A Dark Chasm Below--LOKI

Frozen Faces--Over The Barricades--s/t--Entartete Musikk

Ex.Order--Logic Bomb--The Infernal Age--Power & Steel

Sir Edward Elgar--Pomp & Circumstance March No.I--A Clockwork Orange Sndtrk.--Warner Bros.

Turbund Sturmwerk--Styrmsal--s/t--LOKI

Theodore Bundy interview--Murder--?

Dagda Mor--Pray!--In Stahlgewittern--Steinklange

Megaptera--Disoriented--Disease--Art Konkret

Con-Dom--Torch!--War Against Society--Praxis Dr. Bearmann

Nocturne--Kommando Holocaust Pt.I--Old Europa Cafe

Leibstandarte SS MB--Under The Victory Banner--s/t--Come Org.

Stratvm Terror--Anti-Static Systematic Cloning--Pain Implantations--Malignant Rec.

CazzioDio--Il Tempo Delle Locusta--Il Tempo Delle Locusta--Black Plagve

Our exit of the night was the NAXOS recording of Albinoni's "Adagio in G minor" with Pavel Bogacz on violin