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DJ Sasha & sCum
Absolution @ CB's Gallery, NYC
Playlist April 7th, 2000

Our label profile series at Absolution continues with a new installment: Ant-Zen. We spun mostly the early acts to give people the chance to hear releases that are no longer available.

Next Absolution is April 21st, and we will probably do a Praxis Dr. Bearmann/Tactical profile…

Also, April 19th is the next Atrocity we will be spinning at (we are missing the April 12th show because we will be in London). Death Squad, Hydra, and Navicon Torture Technologies will be playing, so you people better be there!

Thieves Of Impression - Catholic Dark - Zyklus D

Iugula Thor - Pinkie Babe's Story - Wrist

Stigma - Infection - Inhumanity

K2 - the non-rhythmic side - Anybody Can't Catch Up With This

P.A.L - Gelobnis - Signum

DKF - Hektikk - Red Blood Cells

Morgenstern - Anfang/Ende - Zyklen

Mondblut - Man's Infinite Soul - Man's Infinite Soul

Con-Dom - Endlessly - Parasit

P.A.L - Leeste, Night - Release

Telepherique - Herzkatheterung - Licht Und Shatten

S.Alt - Inhomogen - Re/Active

Synapscape - My Turn - s/t

Stromlinie - Tunnel - Tunnel

Maeror Tri - Industrial Meditation - Exorbitant

Leiche Rustikal - Nymphenburg - Veromon

Deutsch Nepal - The Habit Of Being - Environment

Stigma - Lethal Radiations - Structures Of Chaos

Pineal Gland/Salt - Hychome - Symptom III

Asche - Drill/exp. - Morgenstern/Asche split