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DJs  sCum & Sasha
Absolution @ CB's Gallery, NYC
Playlist February 19, 2000

Tonight was yet another label profile set in our series. We featured two of our favorite labels (but then we always feature our favorite labels!): LOKI Foundation and Power & Steel. We also gave away lots of Ant-Zen merchandise (CDs, posters, postcards, stickers, pins, etc.) to promote the upcoming Imminent Starvation/Synapscape/Converter/Savak/NoizGuild vs. NTT show, that takes place March 6th at the Pyramid. For those of you who were there tonight and liked what you heard, you can contact the label at the address below:

Psf 24 13 21
04333 Leipzig

In the future, we will do an Ant-Zen profile, Praxis Dr. Bearmann/Tactical profile as well as others (hmmm… we’re open to suggestions).

Next week (Thursday February 24th) we will be spinning at The LURE as part of the NYC Industrial DJ Collective. We will be doing a special set dedicated to Con-Dom and the Sermons. We will play the entire Sermon series, as well as some other Con-Dom material. So if never got the chance to hear those elusive 2nd and 8th sermons, come out and drool! The LURE is located @ 409 W 13th St, doors open @ 8pm, admission is $5 general, FREE for DJs/reps/industry types. See you there!


Wolverine – H:M:J: -- Chapter – LOKI Foundation

Inade – V.I.T.R.I.O.L. Part I -- V.I.T.R.I.O.L. – LOKI Foundation

First Law – Phenobarbital (175 mg) – Violent::Sedated – LOKI Foundation

Endvra – Biomechanical Soul Journey -- Biomechanical Soul Journey – Power & Steel

Dagda Mor – Ragnarok – Heriot/Stern Des Nordens -- LOKI Foundation

Herbst9 – In The Vein Of Perusa – From The Dark Chasm Below -- LOKI Foundation

Skrol – Soaking – Martyria -- LOKI Foundation

Ex.Order -- …In Death – Ex.Order/Netzach – Power & Steel

Con-Dom – Beattitudes (from the new mount) – Law (The 7th Sermon) – Power & Steel

Turbund Sturmwerk – Cupio Dissolvi – Turbund Strumwerk -- LOKI Foundation

Bad Sector – Jesus Blood Pt.I – Jesus Blood – Power & Steel

Predominance – Thermonuclear Winter – White Ashes -- LOKI Foundation

Turbund Sturmwerk – hidden track – Weltbrand -- LOKI Foundation