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Several reviews of Menschenhass are available:
   Two reviews in German are posted on the Megahertz site
   A review from the New Empire webzine
   A review from the Remote Induction webzine

Klangstabil's website (opens in new window)

We took some pictures of the bloody shirts drying in our kitchen, and they will be posted shortly.

World War IV would like to thank South Philadelphia Archery & Guns for use of their facilities for the creation of the "Victim" shirts. We recommend SPA&G for all of your shooting needs, although I would like to point out that if New York City didn't have such draconian gun control laws, we wouldn't have to drive two hours just to squeeze the trigger!

Warning: One of the recipients of the special edition Menschenhass set was arrested and detained for 2 hours when he went to pick up the package at the German post or customs office. Apparently upon opening the package the authorities were rather interested in the bloody t-shirt. The person was released upon the arrival of his attorney and no charges were filed.
    We are not sure why this package was deemed suspicious by the authorities. It could've been because the smell of blood or gunpowder was detected, it could've been random or it could've simply been the fact that in our infinite wisdom we forgot to attach a customs sticker when mailing it out (d'oh!). Whatever the reason, I"m sure it has caused major inconvenience and we would like to publicly apologize for any part we might have played in it, even though he doesn't believe we are guilty.
    At any rate, now that you have been informed, we want to stress that as of January 12th, we will not responsible for any trouble that you as a recipient of the "Victim" shirt might run into, it is up to you to look into the legality of receiving a possibly bio-hazardous product in the mail, we cannot possibly keep track of legislation in every municipality in the world. For our part, we do guarantee that we will attach the customs sticker to every international package to eliminate at least one of the possibilities, and will shrinkwrap the package.


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