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Future shows:

There are no live appearances planned for the immediate future for The NoizGuild Project.



Past shows:


August 2000: P.A.L, Klangstabil and The NoizGuild Project US tour:

Friday, August 11th: NYC @ CB's Gallery

Some pix are in the Gallery section.
More pictires will be available here soon.

Monday, August 14th: Atlanta, GA @ Riviera
Thursday, August 17th: Seattle, WA @ The Vogue
Friday, August 18th: Los Angeles, CA @ D.A.S. Bunker

Limited edition Nuns With Guns shirts were produced for this tour only. The shirts were limited to 17, and came in white, maroon and olive. They are sold out.

Saturday, April 29th: The NoizGuild Project, NTT, and Abfall performed at The Eclectic Haus at Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT. In the great spirit of only plaing good shows when noone is recording, we sounded awesome! We would like to thank the organizers who were very accomodating, and everyone who showed up.

mir3.gif (50735 bytes)Friday, March 10th, 2000: The NoizGuild Project performed at the I-20 Gallery as part of the live audio installation for Sergei Bugaev's (Afrika) exhibit Mir: Made in The XX Century. This installation deals with the effects of electric currents on the human brain, and it is centered around an amazingly creepy film documenting a person being electrocuted as part of experimental electro-shock treatments in Russia. The main room is lined with metal, and steel plates are loosely mounted on the metal walls and the floor. Due to the levels of the bass in our performance, these plates were vibrating thereby creating their own sound and contributing to the performance. It was really amazing, never to be reproduced again. We would like to thank Afrika for presenting us with such a unique opportunity, and Viesturs for taking us to the exhibit in the first place. Speaking of Viesturs, he DJed that night, and he sounded damn good. We are looking forward to working with him again!

March 06th, 2000: The NoizGuild Project in a collaborative effort with Navicon Torture Technologies performed at the Pyramid, opening for the Ant-Zen/PBR tour 2000. This certainly wasn't the best of our shows and we were not a 100% happy with it. We have noone to blame but ourselves, we had only slight technical problems on our end, and we had plenty of time to prepare. We have done minimal preparations for all the shows that we've played, mostly relying on improv, and I think that this experience taught us a very valuable lesson. Nevertheless, we have received a few positive reviews and no negative ones.
We also produced The NoizGuild Project vs. Navicon Torture Technologies "Culture Of Violence" t-shirts limited to 20 for this show only. They are now sold out. Images coming soon.

The first live show we've ever played as The NoizGuild Project was opening for Noisex in April 1999. There are a couple of pictures from the NYC show in the Gallery section.

A while ago we (The NoizGuild Project & Leech from NTT) got suckered into doing a live show at CBGB... We were hoping to forget that ever happened, but they just won't let us... The audio/video recording of the show is now online, it's streaming in real format, so the quality is utter shit, as a matter of fact, there's really no reason to waste the time, the highs and the lows get completely lost, and even we have a hard time recognizing tracks... But if you really care, there you go:

The NoizGuild Project, live @ CBGB, August 19th, 1999:
28.8          56          ISDN

Monday, September 20th, 1999: Despite various misgivings about the show, The NoizGuild Project and Navicon Torture Technologies did indeed play at Malfunction (Pyramid). It was a non-stop mostly improv two hour noise assault, starting with The NoizGuild Project (consisting of Shane, Sasha and Leech), followed by Navicon Torture Technologies, and finally a live collaboration of us, NTT, and Tim of Abfall. The show was accompanied by slide projections of East Timorese women being tortured raped and murdered. A review, soundbites and pictures may be posted later. We would like to thank everyone involved, especially Alex of Malfunction for booking the show, Tim for banging on things and making loud noises, Lisa for making the slides and proving a slide projector, and Ex.Order for inspiration. A live collaboration track from the show will be included on the forthcoming CD "Culture Of Violence" on Possessive Blindfold, due out... well...  whenever... Thanks to everyone who attended, keep supporting the scene!