The NoizGuild Project


A collaborative album between The NoizGuild Project and Navicon Torture Technologies was about half done, when it was put on hold, as other duties required our full attention.
The album, tentatively titled The Culture Of Violence was to be released on Possessive Blindfold. The CD, when resurrected, will feature 4-5 tracks by each band, and 2-4 remixes of each other's work. More info to follow.
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y2kbug2.jpg (26001 bytes) An exclusive NoizGuild Project track y2k bug is featured on Beta compilation released by Megahertz records in Germany. The compilation also features tracks by Klangstabil, Bitch From Hell, Ulrich Raschke, Simon V. and Falko Lang. The release is limited to 100 copies specially packaged in a leather box, and it is now sold out. For more information about this and other great Megahertz releases, click here!


V.I.P.- One. This is a Noisex/NoizGuild Project collaboration 7" licensed exclusively from Ant-Zen Records and out on Possessive Blindfold Recordings. The 7" can be played at either 33 or 45 rpm (although officially it's a 45)! Artwar by Salt. This is almost sold out, but I think Possessive Blindfold may still have a couple of copies left. vip.jpg (5188 bytes)