Updated  January 30th, 2001


After a long period of contemplation and introspection, NoizGuild has made the decision to suspend all public actions for an undetermined period of time. The contempt and disgust we feel every time we leave our house far outweighs any pleasure we receive from spinning or doing shows, and after doing over a hundred various events in the past 6-7 years, frankly, we've had enough. 

Since our home PA rivals those of many clubs, we shall continue hosting private by-invitation-only events here at the NoizGuild HQ. This new arrangement also affords us the time to devote to World War IV, so expect activity (including concerts) on that front. If, during this hiatus, we develop some much-needed tolerance of idiots, scenesters, insane collectors, impersonators, poseurs, sheep in general, and various scum we've had the distinct displeasure of meeting at our events, our public actions will resume. Until then, we would like to impose full control over the type of people we come in contact with.

In all fairness, over the years of our work as NoizGuild, we have met a few individuals whose company we enjoy and appreciate, and our house is always open to them. As for the bands, labels, and organizations that we've established relationships with, we  shall continue to support them in the future as we have in the past.

In the meantime, if you'd like to be placed on our private event mailing list, get in touch.



"Those who would give up essential Liberty, 
to purchase a little temporary safety, 
deserve neither Liberty nor safety."

(Ben Franklin)


Wednesday, November 7th: NoizGuild spun for hours and hours and hours (well, all night) at the Relaunch Party. Dead Voices on Air, Not Breathing, Architect, DJ Philth (Download), DJ Noiseindex, and others played or maybe they didn't, we can't really be sure as we were in the DJ booth on a different floor all night long. At any rate, we'd like to thank Alex Malfunction for inviting us to spin in the first place, always a pleasure. Yes, we are aware that we haven't posted a playlist in over a year, however, we are getting over our laziness and you can find this playlist here!

Achtung! Due to the recent events (terrorist attacks on the twin towers, Anthrax outbreak), we've made the decision to cancel all the preparations for Achtung Amerika II festival, as well as all the other major events we've been planning this year. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The network at the NoizGuild HQ is finally up and running, so we've run out of excuses not to answer our mail, so if you've written to us recently, expect to hear from us shortly. If you don't hear from us in the next few days, please resend us your last email, as it may have gotten lost in the chaos. The account is no longer valid, so please use the addresses in the domain.

Saturday, September 8th: NoizGuild appeared as part of Slogun live @ Mombris Hallenbad near Frankfurt, Germany... Dagda Mor opened. Check out the pix from the show here.

Friday, August 17th: NoizGuild spun at the Black Fetish party at Limelight. We've almost forgotten how much fun it is to torture unsuspecting victims with a barrage of noise! We had two hours of prime partying time: 1:30am-3:30am to be delighted by the confused looks on the faces of clueless shiny-plastic-wearing glowstick-toting drugged-up morons. Playlist to be posted shortly, really... Many thanks to Jason for giving us this great pleasure (again)!

Saturday, August 11th: Slogun (feat. NoizGuild), Bloodyminded (feat. Xavier Laradji of Timeless magazine), Panicsville, and Vertonen played in Chicago, at the Nervous Center. To see some pictures of the show, click here. Thanks to al the friends and allies who made this a really fun trip! We would especially like to thank Andy/Panicsville for being such a gracious host and for trading me one of his favorite shirts (which is now one of MY favorite shirts) -- I hope you're happy with the item you received!. We would also like to thank Phil for taking us shooting even under such adverse circumstances as Chicago's fascist anti-gun legislature.

Friday, July 20th: Asche, Converter, Morgenstern and Aural Blasphemy played at CBGB's. It was a great show, the bands sounded awesome, the crowd danced and looked happy. We'd like to thank the bands for playing and everyone who showed for supporting the scene!!!  If anyone has any pictures they would like to share, please contact us.

Attention, the Days Of The Rope Festival has been postponed until further notice due to the inability of some of the bands to currently come to the States. If there are any news on the subject, you'll see it here first. <-- Cancelled

And coming up in November 2001: the Achtung Amerika II festival. Be afraid, be very afraid!!! <-- Cancelled

The first wave of   Resistance   has been squashed, we shall regroup and draft up another plan of attack.... <-- Cancelled

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